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sandbars & seaglass
Toronto, Ontario Canada
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    Toronto Ontario, Canada
    M8X 2X8
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    Sea glass is best defined the striking result of fragments of indeterminate glass that have been in oceans, lakes or rivers for incalculable amounts of time. Pieces are conditioned and weathered by the natural elements of water and sand, developing its unique, frosted patina. It takes decades of tumbling in its environment for an individual piece of glass to attain a jewelry quality finish. Due to the nature of the process, no two pieces of sea glass are identical.

    All of the sea glass used in my creations are genuine and unaltered, naturally shaped and beautifully kissed with frost, created from decades of tumbling in sand and surf. All seaglass in this collection have been picked by my hand from the shores of Lake Ontario.

    Each one-of-a-kind creation is hand wrapped with non-tarnish silver or gold coloured wire with attractive designs on both sides of the glass, making each piece reversible. Custom orders are always welcome.
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